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We Simplify Subsea Operations related to Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Deepwater risers, flowlines and pipelines 


Deepwater Pipeline Repair Systems

Connector Subsea Solutions delivers complete lightweight and compact remote operated Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS) for deepwater rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. 


Key applications:

  • Replace damaged parts of pipelines

  • Seal pipeline leakages

  • Seal and/or secure pipeline flanges

Inspection & maintenace of flexible risers

Connector Subsea Solutions provides multiple novel tools and systems to inspect and maintain flexible risers in a cost effective manner.


Key applications:

  • Remote riser cleaning and inspection

  • Retrofited riser protection 

  • Freespan correction

  • Retrival of flexible pipelines 

Experienced, yet innovative
Lightweight and cost effective 

Hydratight collaboration

Hydratight and Connector Subsea Solutions entered into a formal collaboration in May 2014. 

Hydratight, one of the world’s leading pipeline joint integrity companies, and Connector Subsea Solutions,  a dedicated deepwater engineering company, signed a formal agreement to jointly supply subsea pipeline inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) solutions.


This collaboration comes as a response to better meet the technical challenges and ever increasing engineering specifications from the oil and gas offshore exploration and production sector of the market. As extraction takes place at increasing water depths, the combined strength of Hydratight and Connector Subsea Solutions offers clients complete solutions for remote pipeline repairs and also bring to market new offerings and solutions.


The combined offering allows for the remote deployment and installation of Hydratight mechanical connectors using innovative field proven systems and solutions. With over 45 years of subsea experience combined, this collaboration enables the subsea repair of deepwater, high pressure, high temperature, exotic material, horizontal pipelines and vertical riser installations, including steel catenary and hybrid towers.


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History and experience


Connector Subsea Solutions, established in 2000, is a specialist provider of systems and equipment for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) of deepwater risers, flowlines and pipelines.


Our experience and expertise allows us to deliver equipment and services that ensures reliable remote IMR operations. We offer innovative solutions and apply proprietary technologies to improve reliability and cost effectiveness.

Locations and capabilities


  • Norway (Bergen): Head office, R&D, engineering and design

  • Bosnia (Tuzla): engineering, design, Finite Element Analysis and Production

  • Croatia (Split): engineering, design, project management and production

  • Brazil (Macae): sales, services, offshore operations and maintenance



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Head Office

Visiting address: Kokstadflaten 17

5257 Kokstad


Mailing address:

P.O.Box: 22

5863 Bergen


Local offices

Bergen, Norway

Tuzla, Bosnia


Split, Croatia


We are always recruiting extraordinary talents. 

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